Part of Being Human

Nicole, 19 Jahre, Wien.Nicole wird Workshops zu Menschenrechten für nationale und internationale Freiwillige in Wien abhalten. Durch interaktive und informelle Methoden soll ein tieferer Einblick die elementaren und unerlässlichen Menschenrechte erarbeitet werden.

My project was about Human Right. I organized four  workshops on Human righst which took place within the Grenzenlos summer camps. The experience was great and at the same time shocking, because realizing that so many young people are not aware of their fundamental human rights is frustrating but at the same time underlines the importance of the workshop and why it was so important to do them. The workshops were held in 4 summer camps ( Äktschn in Park, Let´s Act- Theatercamp, Jewish heritage, Life Art ) in Vienna and Straden with around 80 volunteers from Ucraine Italy Russia Spain Catalan Armenia Turkey France UK Denmark Taiwan Hungary  Belgium Germany Czech Republique Mexico Serbia Russia Belarus Japan South Korea Poland Lithuania Afghanistan Austria Hong Kong Greece Rumania  and local participants with and without disabilities.I would like to share some feedback of the participants: „I would love to see more of this workshops in my country because people dont pay that much attention!“- participant from Spain; „I really like it and I cant believe I didnt knew about them“ Mexico; „I would like to have more informartion about each one, it was to overview but I enjoy it“- participant from Armenia.